03 June 16

STM Validation Project

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STM Validation ProjectThe main objective of the Action is to validate the target concept of Sea Traffic Management (STM), which has been defined and elaborated within MONALISA and MONALISA 2.0 projects, previously supported by TEN-T. It is therefore part of a global project aiming at ensuring successful deployment of STM. Sea Traffic Management aims to overcome many of the challenges of communication and information sharing between stakeholders in the maritime transport industry and create significant added value as a result in particular for ship- and cargo owners and for shipping in the transport chain. This pilot action with wider benefits, will impact all core corridors.

In the STM Validation Project, the theoretical definition work carried out in MONALISA 2.0 will be taken into practice by establishing large-scale test beds for Sea Traffic Management in the Nordic region and in the Mediterranean Sea. In these test beds, Voyage Management, Flow Management and Port Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) will be tested and validated in practice. An infrastructure for the information exchange in the test beds will also be set up. The Action will also refine and develop the existing analyses on the effects on charter parties, the legal and liability aspects, operational aspects such as usability and cyber security, as well as provide a cost benefit analysis with compelling business cases for affected parties.

Member States involved:

Austria, Italy, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands + Norway (non EU)

Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2015

End date: December 2018

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STM Validation Project

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Source: INEA