11 April 17

Steward Hostess – Purseri Hotesse – Diretor de Bordo” “Diretor de Hotelaria – Assistente de bordo

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The professional figure is able to give assistance, to take care of the people on board, like food provision and maintenance, preparation of food, management of restaurant, cleaning of all the spaces and the cabins. He/she can collaborate with the staff on board during mooring and set.
And he is able to carry out operations dedicated to supporting the stay of the guests.
He possesses excellent knowledge of every types of services and the internal maintenance. He welcomes and informs the customer, takes care with organizing the animation, and with secretarial tasks. Personal characteristics are tpossession of an excellent physical shape, a big nervous resistance, a very good presentation


1.      Being able to manage the reception and customer assistance on board


To search, collect and receive documents and information
To speak english and other languages
To exchange and have a dialogue in a professional situation
To communicate with courtesy and sense of service
To organize and put in safety the goods and the people
To check all the equipments of the cabin
To dispense the first care
To act in the urgency according to the events


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Steward Hostess Purseri Hotesse Diretor de Bordo” “Diretor de Hotelaria/Assistente de bordo