29 October 19

Social Media for Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) projects

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Social media provides you with yet another way to keep your stakeholders informed about your activities, whilst (potentially) reaching a very vast and diverse audience. Engaging with your project´s stakeholders through social media can be as easy as sharing with them a picture with a short comment – quick, simple, cheap and effective!


What are the benefits?

Increase information sharing
Target and engage with key stakeholders and projects
Make new professional connections and build relationships
Build a positive (online) reputation and increase the public profile of your project
Quickly inform your stakeholders about project developments / results
Reach a much wider and diverse audience than through traditional communication channel


First you should identify your target audience and then select the right platform. INEA is currently on Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube but there are several other social media platforms that could be also part of your communication mix, depending on your social media strategy (Facebook, Instagram, …).

for A social media strategy?

Plan your week’s social media presence Always include media (images or videos) in your updates Engage with other relevant accounts News expires very quickly on social media –update your account on the fly as people like “live” updates of ongoing events
Why not create a hashtag for your project? Use it in all your tweets combined with the respective hashtag of the programme which funded your project:
Live-tweet your events using the agreed hashtag Don’t forget to mention INEA in your posts on Twitter and on LinkedIn – we will
help you promote your project!

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