02 July 20

SMART-C – When innovation and sustainability go together

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With SMART-C, the Central Adriatic Ports Authority is implementing an innovative project based on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage the traffic flows related to the ferry terminals of the port of Ancona.

The Action is part of a global project called TinS (Trasferimento in Sicurezza) based on the application of the AI technology to set up an innovative “virtual tunnel” linking the ferry terminals to a customs area (Scalo Marotti) outside the port. The virtual tunnel allows to increase the customs spaces, improving the efficiency and security of port operations. Furthermore, the rationalisation of the port areas reduces the traffic of heavy vehicles of about 60.000 km/year, a relevant contribution to the port sustainability.

The Artificial Intelligent system adopted allows to manage and control the vehicle flows without on-board units on the vehicles. SMART-C allows the vehicles landing in Ancona to exit the port customs gate without any stop at the time of disembark. Each truck is recognized by the AI system that tracks and traces it along the port and local roads to the Scalo Marotti customs parking area (as displayed in the map).  The AI system allows to detect possible interferences along the path like deviations of the truck from the route without prior control, alteration of the load, removal of goods or other suspect behaviours, and generate alarms.

Currently, the accesses to the ferry facilities and to Scalo Marotti are being equipped with specific OCR cameras. Further cameras will be installed along the path between the port customs gate and the access to Scalo Marotti (800 m). Also the port roads will be monitored by a network of cameras to increase the real time control capacity of the AI.

The tracking and recognition system based on Artificial Intelligence is at the core of a MoU between Central Adriatic Ports Authority and the Italian National Customs Agency, to foster the digitalization of custom procedures in the port of Ancona.



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