24 April 17


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Ministry of Education and Science

The Directorate General of Education (DGE) of the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC), abbreviated as DGE, is a central service of the direct administration of the State endowed with administrative autonomy.

It is the body responsible for the implementation of policies relating to the pedagogical and didactic components of pre-school education, basic and secondary education and extra-curricular education and technical support for its formulation, especially in the areas of curriculum development , Teaching and assessment tools, and educational supports and supplements.

Address: Edifício 1, Av. 24 de Julho, n.º 140, 1399-025 Lisboa

T. +351 213 934 500 / Fax: +351 213 934 965 / E-mail: dge@dge.mec.pt



Directorate General for Marine Policy

The Directorate General for Marine Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Sea (MAM), abbreviated as DGPM, is a central service of direct State administration with administrative autonomy.

The DGPM’s mission is to develop, evaluate and update the National Strategy for the Sea (MNA), to elaborate and propose the national policy of the sea in its various aspects, to plan and organize the maritime space in its different uses and activities, to accompany and participate in the Development of the Integrated Maritime Policy of the European Union and to promote national and international cooperation in the field of the sea.

Address: R. Alfredo Magalhães Ramalho Nº6 , 1495-006 Lisboa, Portugal

T. +351 218 291 000 / E-mail: geral@dgpm.mm.gov.pt



ANQEP – Agência Nacional para a Qualificação e Ensino Profissional

National Authority responsible for the implementation of policies regarding the education and vocational training. The team intervenes on the diagnosis, production and comparability of qualifications (National Qualifications Catalogue).

Address: Av. 24 de Julho, nº 138   1399-026 Lisboa

T. 213 943 700 / Fax: 213 943 799 / E-mail: anqep@anqep.gov.pt



Erasmus + Nacional Agency

Address: Praça de Alvalade, 12, 1749-070 Lisboa

T. +351 210 101 900 / Fax.: +351 210 101 910 / E-mail: agencianacional@erasmusmais.pt



Erasmus + Youth in Action

Erasmus + Youth in Action is a program for all, aspiring to change people’s lives and empower young people’s projects, creating experiences and opportunities, promoting mobility, driving learning outcomes, linking people through cultural ties supported by a common set based on a policy mix in order to promote social development and economic growth in Europe.

Address: Rua de Santa Margarida, nº 6, 4710-306 Braga – Portugal

T. +351 253 204 260  / Fax: +351 253 204 269 / E-mail: erasmusmais@juventude.pt


AIN – Associação das Indústrias Navais

Business Association that represents shipbuilding and ship repair companies. Its mission includes the skills development of the human resources and the delivery of continuing vocational education and training.

E-mail: AIN@AIN.PT



Fórum Oceano – Associação da Economia do Mar

Association of Maritime Economy, is a private non-profit corporate body, which aims to promote the Maritime Economy. Fórum Oceano is the merger, by incorporation, of two Portuguese associations Oceano XXI – Association for the Knowledge and Economy of the Sea (established in 2009) with AFEM – Association Business Forum of the Sea Economy (established in 2010), occurred in July 2015.

Address: UPTEC – Pólo do Mar, Av. da Liberdade S/N

4450-718 Leça da Palmeira – Portugal / T. +351 220 120 764