10 Apr 2018

SHAPING THE PORT OF THE FUTURE | The societal, economic and management challenges

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Civitavecchia, 10th April

Web site: http://forum.themeditelegraph.com/en

Ports development is a key factor for the European economy, both for the global trade and the internal market.
Both commercial and passengers ports are striclty linked to the development of the surroundings: the connection among their growth and the positive impact on society and environment is essential.

The conference explores the “links” that contributes to shape the “Port of the future”: links among ports, links with the surroundings and with the society, links with the integrated and sustainable logistic chain, adding a specific focus on the European system of Port Services Regulation.
Each “link” has inside specific challenges to be faced and managed, that we are going to analyze thanks to the participation of italian and european institutions, Motorways of the Sea european projects members, industry associations and companies.

The event is free of charge, for registration http://forum.themeditelegraph.com/en