28 February 18

“Shaping the Port of the future” conference – discover the agenda!

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The conference “Shaping the Port of the Future” (Civitavecchia, 10th April 2018 – Headquarter of Centre-North Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority System)  will  analyze the “links” that contributes to shape the “Port of the future”: links among ports, links with the surroundings and with the society, links with the integrated and sustainable logistic chain, adding a specific focus on the European System of Port Services Regulation.

Thanks to the contribution by Brian Simpson OBE (EU Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea) and Wojciech Sopinski (Adviser to EU Coordinator for MoS), the conference will analyze at the opening the EU policies and tools of financing directed at fostering the construction and  development of the port infrastructures and links. With a selection of Motorways of the Sea Links projects, focused both on the Mediterranean and Northern European area, we are going to analyze in depth the operational issues concerning the theme: sustainability and efficiency of operations, reduction of congestion and modal split, accessibility and security of infrastructures.

A balanced relationship between port and city is another of the key “links” to define the features of the “Port of the Future”: a language and a common vision in which the interests of the actors involved can be included, within an international context in rapid evolution. With a specific focus on the cruise industry, the round table “Cruise industry and port city relations” will analyze in depth how the port-city dialogue is a key factor for the competitiveness of the actors involved: through the contribution of  the main industry associations (MedCruise, CLIA, RETE) and the review of successful case histories will talk about sustainability, environment and governance to build opportunities for growth that are alternative to conflicts and tensions.


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