22 May 17

Multiplayer Italian Event BLUE MATCHING

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11 MAY 2017



The Italian Erasmus + Blue Project multiplier event took place in the beautiful location of the nautical school San Giorgio situated in the old port of Genoa. More than 130 people participated:


Aureliano Deraggi of the Ufficio Scolastico Regionale Liguria;    blie project 1



Angela Pastorino, director of the host school;

blie project 2

Fabio Liberati, director of Alfa;




Alessandro Clavarino, director of the cashier school;

Laura Capelli and Angelo Capizzi introduced the Blue Project;

Elisabetta Garbarino and Daniele Villani illustrated the  first outcome;

Lucia Schifano illustrated the  second outcome;

Rita Aguiar in videoconference illustrated the  third outcome.


blie project 3

Several students talked about their experience in Erasmus projects.



In the end the students of the school Nino  Bergese prepared and served an excellent buffet.



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