12 April 17


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LOGOREGIONELiguria Region is one of the 20 regions with ordinary statute provided by the Constitution of the Italian Republic. Liguria Region is a regulatory Public Body whose mission is to guide, plan, coordinate and control the management of the territory in the frame of the Italian Constitutional Government System.

Liguria Region is articulated in the Council, which passes regional laws, approves the regional budget, new taxes, and plans for new infrastructure, and in the Executive Board, which mainly proposes legislation in various fields, among which Education, Training and Employment and performs government activities.

With its 1,000 employees, Liguria Region is divided into 9 Departments/Directorates articulated in sectors.

The Sector ‘Education and Right to Education’ which actively contributes to the BLUE project belongs to the Department Agriculture, Tourism, Training and Job. The Sector Education manages apprenticeship, work-related learning and Vocational Education and Training (VET). In particular, the VET Sector organizes and supervises, at secondary school level, three-year qualification courses and the fourth year which enable teenagers to fulfil their scholastic path and get a school-leaving certificate and a technical qualification.

The VET Sector is responsible for the definition of the regional educational offer, in accordance with the Ministry of Education and in strict cooperation with schools and vocational training public and private institutions. Focusing mostly on the definition of the professional skills required to fulfil the European qualification standards, the sector aims to enhance the mobility chances of young unemployed people and to limit early school leaving .

In recent years the sector has taken part, as full member, in various European projects, among which ALCOTRA.