01 April 14

Recruiting to the LNG sector

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There are enormous growth opportunities within the LNG market, not least in the development of new technology and safety measures, but also in recruitment.

Faststream Recruitment managing director, Mark Charman, told delegates at the Gastech 2014 exhibition in Korea that there are currently 127 newbuild LNG vessels on order and each will need around 2000 officers to serve on them.

Mr Charman pointed out that the LNG sector needs to change its recruitment strategy if it is to attract sufficient staff both to man LNG ships and manage them from shore in light of the increase in demand for LNG as an alternative marine fuel.

This demand is increasingly apparent. Within a period of three to four years there are expected to be 500 LNG ships in service, up from 100 vessels in 1997.

The LNG sector is increasingly looking at encouraging LPG seafarers, electrical officers and cruise ship engineers currently serving on in other shipping areas to help plug the recruitment gap.

And it’s already offering inducements to experienced seafarers to tempt them over, but the sector faces stiff competition from the upcoming floating LNG (FLNG) sector, which offers higher pay and short rotations.

Source: GreenPort