01 August 14

Poseidon Med: a LNG European Project

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poseidon-medPOSEIDON MED  is the first LNG bunkering project in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea led and coordinated by QENERGY Europe. It is the first Cross European Border project which aims to introduce LNG as the main fuel for the world shipping industry and develop a sufficient infrastructure network of bunkering value chain.

The Poseidon Med Projects aims to design a comprehensive value chain for the use of LNG as marine fuel in East Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea, including the development of an LNG transportation, distribution, and supply network, as well as, the establishment of a well-functioning and sustainable relative market for its demand.

Project Leader is QE Energy Europe (Cyprus) , with the support of other partners from Italy, Greece, Qatar, UK and France.

The Port Authority of Spezia, Contship Italia and the Grimaldi Group are the only Italian partner for the “Poseidon Med”.

The project has a fivefold target for the establishment of a comprehensive LNG network in the East Mediterranean area, the development of a sustainable market for LNG as marine fuel, the revival of the shipping industry in the area, and the increase in fleet competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability while at the same time providing substantial environmental benefits, meeting the forthcoming stricter environmental regulations, and allowing easy compliance with the most recent EU directives.

The POSEIDON-MED project has been submitted to the European Commission (TEN-T) for co-funding under the MoS Multi- Annual work programme 2013.