14 June 16

Poseidon Med II

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Poseidon Med IIThe Action is a continuation of the “COSTA II–East (Poseidon-Med)” – 2013-EU-21019-S and the “Archipelago-LNG” – 2013-EL- 92080-S projects which all together are part of the Global Project aiming to take all the necessary steps towards adoption of LNG as marine fuel in East Mediterranean Sea while making Greece an international marine bunkering and distribution hub for LNG in South Eastern Europe. The Action will build on the achievements of the above mentioned projects as well as on the results of “COSTA” – 2011-EU-21007-S which delivered the Master Plan for LNG as a marine fuel in the Mediterranean region.

The specific objectives of the Action are to:

Altogether the Action constitutes a wider benefit MoS project contributing to the development of LNG as alternative fuel in maritime transport. By implementing this comprehensive study and pilot activity, the project responds to the international and European requirements in reducing sulphur emissions to 0.5% in maritime transport globally.

Member States involved:

Cyprus, Greece, Italy

Implementation schedule:

Start date: June 2015

End date: December 2020

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Poseidon Med II

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Source: INEA