04 March 20

Port symposium: A Holistic approach to standards for port operational data

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Port symposium “A Holistic approach to standards for port operational data in maritime supply chains”

 30 April 2020

 IMO Headquarters, London


​The symposium will address the priorities and challenges in the development of international standards for operational data in ports, including for berth to berth navigation, the ship-port interface and the end-to-end supply chain.

The symposium is in line with the findings of the International Taskforce Port Call Optimization to improve quality and availability of operational port data. The symposium is also in line with the findings of the IMO Global Industry Alliance (GIA) Low Carbon Shipping, to realize e.g. Just In Time Arrivals.


​13.30          Registration

14.30          Keynote Speaker – Patrick Verhoeven, IAPH 
Improving the ship-port interface through reliable digital data sharing 
(recognizing IMO resolution MEPC.323(74), which invites IMO Member States to encourage voluntary cooperation between the port and shipping sectors to contribute to reducing GHG emissions from ships.)
14.45          Setting the scene: identifying priority areas for standardization of operational data in ports
Shipper view
Renato Zavattaro and Chris Torres, AB-Inbev
Shipping line view
Andreas van der Wurf, Maersk Line
Port stakeholders’ views

Frank Kho, Terminal Industry Committee 4.0

Ben van Scherpenzeel, IHMA and International Taskforce Port Call Optimization

15.40          Panel debate: Improving the quality and availability of operational data in ports
Moderator: Jeppe Skovbakke Juhl, BIMCO
Berth to berth navigation standards
Jonathan Pritchard, Industry participant in IHO
End-to-end supply chain standards
Jaco Voorspuij, GS1
Notifications and declarations standards
Nico De Cauwer, Port of Antwerp – IPCSA, Standards and Technologies lead.
Vessel and ISPS identification standards
Brice Martin-Castex; Henrik Madsen, IMO Secretariat
16.30          Q&A Session
17.00          Closing

How to register

​Member States, IGOs and NGOs wishing to attend should provide, prior to the event date, the names of their participants, via the Online Meeting Registration System (OMRS).

Please see details in Circular Letter No.4210.

Livestreaming and media access

Media who wish to attend the symposium should email the IMO media and communications team via media[@]imo.org.

Livestreaming:  Remote participation in the event is open to Member Governments, IGOs, NGOs and the general public.
Participants are welcome to listen to the event through audio live streaming. Video and online interaction are not available.
PC, Mac and mobile devices including Android and iOS are supported.
Please use any preferred browser and input:
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