10 December 18

Port of Rotterdam Hosts 5G Innovation

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The Port of Rotterdam has hosted a collaboration between KPN, Shell, Huawei, ExRobotics, Accenture, and ABB to test industrial applications on the 5G network.

The 5G network optimizes production processes and improves safety procedures by deploying wireless sensors to access relevant digital information from the production environment.

KPN, a major Dutch technology software provider, established an experimental 5G network in the port by using the latest network and antenna technologies, which increased network capacity, reaction time and reliability.

This means the Port of Rotterdam is the first area in the Netherlands that is equipped to 5G standards and suitable for the latest video and augmented reality applications.

In addition, further successful tests at the nearby Shell Pernis refinery saw 5G used to maintain 160,000 km of pipelines. Thanks to 5G-connected Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras and the application of machine learning, future maintenance can be better predicted.

 Speaking about the collaboration, Joost Farwerck COO, KPN, said: “In the industrial 5G Field Lab in the Port of Rotterdam, we are working together with Shell and various partners to determine what value we can create with 5G.

“In addition to making business processes more efficient and increasing safety, the interplay between the various parties, which make the Netherlands stronger as a connected society, is also very valuable.”

Jos van Winsen, General Manager Shell Pernis, also commented:  “For us, the port of Rotterdam is a logical place for the industrial 5G Field Lab. We expect to achieve a great deal with new digital technologies in terms of reliability and efficiency and thus make our industry even safer.

“Shell, therefore, likes to take a leading role with KPN and the partners with the industrial 5G Field Lab.”


Source: Port technology