03 October 17

Port as a key infrastructure for the European Transport Network; final results of the Collaborative Innovation Days

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CID_banner v5 generic-01The final conference on Infrastructure Cloud will take place in Bergisch Gladbach (near Cologne – Germany), on 23rd of September 2017.

The European Commission and ALICE (Alliance Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe) has organised two workshops on the Infrastructure Cloud (the first one on March and the second one on April), which had the objective of consolidating collaboration and cross-fertilization among related projects. The Infrastructure sector is considered one of the key areas where collaborative innovation has to address challenges and opportunities, and the concept of the ‘Cloud’, as something able to change shape and dimension, aims at offering a new way of collaboration, free from predefined boundaries and constraints.

The main objective of these events was to share and discuss achievements, challenges and opportunities addressed by new and ongoing projects to build up strong links across them.
The main outcomes of the previous workshops were:

The Cloud events have been opportunities for exchanging ideas and useful information between different actors, supporting the foresight of future needs of the sector.

The final conference will present the results of the thematic workshops, enhancing awareness of the progress made, and fostering further integrated exploitation and implementation of research results.
Participants will be encouraged to reach consensus on the take-ups of the past workshops and to define the contents of possible future Cloud developments.

The final conference aims at consolidating the links between the different transport modes and the different professionals, identifying the way forward to create an ‘ecosystem for innovation’ for transport infrastructure. This will comprise the two levels of cooperation. Strategic cooperation between infrastructure managers of all modes and their industry partners as well the development of much needed cohesion between the research and training networks.

In order to make a new step in this direction, this initiative gathers projects, from different funding schemes (EC H2020 and CEF, CEDR, COST, etc.) and on different themes, in a “cloud”, fostering cross-fertilization and collaboration.

It is foreseen to achieve the creation of complementary toolkits of solutions to innovate the techniques and procedures for building and managing infrastructure, facing future challenges, and offering a ‘critical mass’ of options.

This final event is therefore a crucial moment, at the time when the next EC FP and CEF are under discussion as well as transnational-programmes such as CEDR’s. This event will contribute to the basis for a multimodal, transversal and innovative collaboration in the infrastructure sector.

To this aim, the European Commission will actively engage with infrastructure manager and operators, innovation implementers and developers from industry and public sector at the Infrastructure Cloud Final Conference that will take place on the 23 October in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany (20 Km from Cologne), from 10:00 to 16:30.

Download the draft agenda and register here by 6 October.

For more information, contact: info@collaborativeinnovationdays.eu or click here.