21 May 18

Pilot deployment of emissions reduction technologies on general cargo vessels on North Sea and Baltic MoS corridors

Project Promoter: €4,529,109
Total project cost covered
by this Decision: €9,058,218
EU contribution: €4,529,109
Percentage of EU support:
Studies: 50%

This pilot project will install and test the latest scrubber technology that uses sea water instead of fresh water in an open loop to reduce the sulphur emissions on maritime transport in compliance with new EU Regulations. The new cleaning system is expected to bring a number of economic and environmental benefits: ships will no longer need to carry supplies of fresh water or transport/use chemicals for water treatment. In addition, more space will be available for cargo.
The latest scrubber technology is being tried out on three different types of cargo ships, which all together represent the most common general cargo vessels in the water trade routes of the North and Baltic Seas. The project results will be shared with key transport stakeholders and decision makers, and could facilitate introduction of the technology at EU level, enhancing the competitiveness of short sea transport compared to other modes.

You can find the complete project sheet Here