26 September 17

Open application to First italian Master in safety, environment and security at sea

ASSESS5The Master represents an important step to relaunch the educational and training paths in the naval sector inside the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and in Italy.

Applications are open for the Second Level Master “Advanced Skills in Safety, Environment and Security at Sea” at the Trieste University (300 ECTS already obtained to apply). It is the first in Italy and one of the very few at international level regarding the topics treated during the programme. For several days now, students and working professionals from European Union holding a Master degree in engineering are allowed to apply for the Master. Every year only twenty among the most qualified student will have the opportunity to be admitted in the programme.

The Master represents an important step to relaunch the educational and training paths in the naval sector inside the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and in Italy. The Master is part of the activities of ASSESS, a project approved and co-funded in the framework of the Call Blue Careers in Europe and launched by the DG Mare of the European Commission. mareFVG is the project leader of a broader partnership made up from University of Trieste, National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS), National Research Council (CNR INSEAN), Lloyd’s Register EMEA, and with the collaboration of Fincantieri and Wärtsilä. The Master “Advanced Skills in Safety, Environment and Security at Sea”, will fill the gap between theoretical knowledge given by Universities and industry performance practical requests, both during the design and manufacturing phases, and in the operational management of ships and offshore vessels and platforms. Those who will complete the educational programme will be able to meet the labour market needs of maritime sector acquiring high level of practical and soft skills knowledge. Goal of Master is to offer an academic and professional training path on safety and security issues in maritime sector. Moreover the Advanced Master will train qualified employees and labour force able to apply the most recent technologies in order to encourage the growth in Blue Economy’s field.

The purpose is to develop a professional profile capable of dealing with marine regulatory framework , including but not limited to safety (SOLAS, Polar Code, FTP code, IGF, on environmental (MARPOL), on load Line and a basic knowledge of most popular flag requirements (USCG, Red Ensign) and European Community regulatory for product (MED). Deadline for application is 5th October, 2017 at 2 pm. Applicants will be selected on the base of their academic qualifications, followed by a written test and an interview. Lessons will start within the end of October, classes will be held in English. Selected candidate will receive a partial reimbursement for expenses related to accommodation and permanence in Trieste and a didactic kit, in addiction a PC with all the software necessary to follow the lessons will be made available to students. Master will last 12 months, the path foresees 1500 hours of lessons structured in two main phases. In the first phase, 5 months are dedicating to classroom teaching. The classes will be held at the University of Trieste, and taught by leading Italian and international academics and industry experts. During the first phase, students will also attend specific study visits in Europe. Topics deepened during the lectures include basic knowledge about security and safety and the regulatory framework in use in the maritime industry, and specific competences on fire-safety on board and evacuation systems on ships, as well as environmental laws and practices, power efficiency and knowledge about noise pollution caused by ships and offshore plants. In the second phase of the Advanced Master, attendants will put into practice their knowledge performing a 7 months’ internship in European companies operating in the maritime sector.

The aim is to find a tailored internship able to enhance characteristics and competences of every single attendee and generate a mutual advantage for both parties. Currently employed attendants will instead be able to apply their new skills and knowledge directly in their present job. Upon the successful completion of the Advanced Master, participants will receive a Second Level Master’s Degree from the University of Trieste equivalent to Level 8 of European Qualifications Framework (EQF). More details about the Master, practical information, and the form for the online application are available on the web site of ASSESS project (www.assess-project.com). “This Master, in such a hot topic as safety and security at sea, it is a new and an important result of the cooperation among the maritime actors coordinated by the Regional cluster” -commented Lucio Sabbadini, CEO of mareFVG- “it is a proof of the great international value of the territorial cohesion , a focal-point to continuing investing in the future”.

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Source: The Medi Telegraph



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