20 November 15

On the Mos Way Network catched the interest of International Transport Journal

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International Transport Journal published an article about the project On the MoS Way Network on the number 39-40.

The article titled: “Do you know the new onthemosway.eu features for the Maritime and Logistics industry?” Matching tool for Job and Services and Mobile App for Training, here the answers to the industry’s needs explained the importance and relevant contribution that On the MoS Way Network project was aimed to the improve the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of logistics, freight and maritime multimodal transport; focused in the full range of Door to Door maritime and logistic chain themes, it is conceived within the Motorways of the Sea framework.

The web portal focuses on two new features, useful to strengthen the role of the web portal as training and knowledge center. On the MoS Way developed several tools to improve the needs of students, practitioners of Maritime Sector, universities, training organizations, and companies.

On the MoS Way – Search for Maritime and Logistics Training, Jobs and Services is the new tool for the Matching of Demand and Supply (online by the end of 2015): available both through the web site and Android app the tool is a simple way to find the answer to your training and business needs.

The App On the MoS Way Training Center – Your Courses Platform (available on Google Play) is dedicated to universities, training organizations and students and it aims at explaining and illustrating the content of the courses and it allows to keep easily in touch students and professors. In add the materials and outputs are published on the platform.

Onthemosway.eu aims also at becoming the reference point for the world of EU projects in the field of freight and transportation: news, presentations, videos, fotogalleries useful to give visibility to the projects’ results are available on the web portal. The other focal point is the live coverage through the social network and through live streaming in the industry’s events such as WiderMoS Event and TEN-T days at Riga.

Alexio Picco, Business Development and Funding Director at Circle says “74% of the EU external trade and 37% of the internal one are realized via the maritime transport; Motorways of the Sea as the maritime dimension of the TransEuropean Network for Transport are a crucial element to achieve an effective, safe and green logistic chain supporting EU trade. Therefore onthemosway.eu is powerful tool to create awareness on EU policies, projects and initiatives fostering the maritime and logistic dimension of our economy”.