31 January 18

On the MoS Way and ANP: great success of the conference on the simplification and digitization of procedures between Morocco and EU

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It is with great success that the meeting on the theme of the development of maritime routes and the simplification of port processes between the ports of Morocco and the ports of the EU took place in Casablanca on January 24 and 25, 2018.

This meeting was organized by the National Agency of the Ports of Morocco in consultation with the maritime branch of the general direction of the transport of the European Union (DG Move – Motorways of the Sea with the official digital channel onthemosway.eu), and in partnership with the Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes ADII, The Direction of the Merchant Marine at the METLE, the National Office of Sanitary and Food Safety (ONSSA), the Association of Exporters (ASMEX) and the Freight Association Forwarder (AFFM), and PORTNET SA

97 participants representing public and private European and Moroccan institutions, as well as several port authorities from the region took part in this meeting from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

As part of the policies initiated by Morocco and the European Union for the facilitation of port, maritime, customs and foreign trade procedures, the “FAST TRADE LANE CORRIDOR” Motorways of the sea approach aims to promote the transport of short-sea shipping and to create an alternative to the land transport of goods with a view to making trade more fluid, unclogging major highways, reducing the level of pollution and promoting sustainable development, by improving regional connections.

This alternative consists of establishing “international fast lane” links based on simplified and secure procedures for the benefit of companies and regional trade.

During this meeting, several interventions took place in favor of transversal cooperation between the Moroccan port, maritime and control authorities and the relevant European agencies and authorities for the Mediterranean (France, Spain, Italy and Portugal).

Also, three workshops were organized on:

1- The development of sea routes between the ports of Morocco and the EU,

2- Electronic exchanges, integration and optimization of EU-Morocco processes,

3- Training, change management and innovation.

These workshops enabled a wide exchange of experiences and good practices in the field of Simplification and the digitization of procedures between the ports of Morocco and the European Union;

The meeting resulted in the development of several recommendations, the most important of which are:

The establishment of a technical cooperation framework between European and Moroccan ports to ensure the promotion and sustainability of Motorways of the Sea between the ports of Morocco and the European Union.

The study and development of formalities and electronic exchanges between the competent authorities of Morocco and the EU through the single window Portnet, to optimize the processing time of formalities at departure and arrival.

Many actors present at the meeting showed their willingness to continue the process through the creation of specific groups of works aimed at carrying out pilot projects.


On the MoS Way Staff