01 June 16

On 15th June the presentation of MoS Detailed Implementation Plan

bandiere ueThe day is approaching and in two weeks, the 15th of June, the Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) of the Motorways of the Sea (MoS) will be presented to the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels.

Mr Brian Simpson OBE,  will present a first version of the document to the EP, showing the amount of work already carried out so far, but the focus will mainly be on the content of the DIP and the planned work for the next year. MoS are defined in the articles 21, 22 and 23 of the TEN-T Guidelines as the maritime dimension of the TEN-T Network, the same regulation provides also precise obligations for the Corridors Coordinators that are supposed to produce a work plan analysis for the development of the corridor. It is also stated that, after the approval by the Member States concerned, the work plan shall be submitted to the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission. The DIP shall include the main outcomes of the three MoS Fora that took place during the last months, an overview of existing MoS shipping and operations and KPIs’ description.

The content of the document is based on the outcomes of the MoS Fora that were respectively focusing on the three MoS Pillars: Environment, Integration of the Maritime Transport in the Logistics Chain, and Safety, Human Element and Traffic Management. The DIP will also provide a detailed analysis of characteristics of ports and shipping involved in the MoS traffic, based on the data collection carried out by the Consortium, (Circle, ADS – Insight and ISL) that won the tender for supporting Mr. Brian Simpson OBE, to accomplish the task.

The 15th of June is a very key day, both for Mr. Brian Simpson OBE, for the EU Parliament and for the entire maritime cluster…waiting for the day to come…stay in touch at onthemosway.eu.

Below the pictures of event