02 April 20

Note for the attention of CEF beneficiaries -Consequences of corona virus on CEF Actions

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As you may already know, as of 16 March the Commission has put in place
precautionary measures against the spread of coronavirus, including that all staff is
currently teleworking. These measures also apply to INEA. We are aware that similar
measures have also been implemented in many other organisations across Europe.
Despite this extraordinary situation, INEA is making every effort to maintain the same
level of cooperation with you and to ensure business continuity. We would like to
provide you with information on certain aspects that are most relevant to your work with
Communication with INEA: Communication via e-mail and telephone continues
without any changes. Even though not physically in the office, INEA staff continue their
work remotely, therefore you should be able to contact us as before. We count on your
understanding for the cases, where due to technical issues you may receive a response
with a small delay. Communication by mail continues normally.

Reporting (ASR and final reports): The deadline for ASR submission by 31 March, as
defined in the Grant Agreements for transport and energy, remains valid as well as the
deadlines for final reports. As we are already in mid-March, we assume that most of the
ASRs are already in an advanced level of preparation. The timely submission of the
ASR/final report is directly linked to payments (further pre-financing, interim and final
payments). However, INEA will show flexibility in all cases, where the submission is
delayed due to the extraordinary circumstances. Please inform your INEA project
manager of any delay before a deadline expires.

Ongoing payments: INEA endeavours to process all ongoing payments as smoothly as
possible. INEA will show flexibility in all cases where you encounter problems due to the
extraordinary circumstances (such as timely replying to a sampling request). Please
inform your INEA project manager of any delay before a deadline expires.
Ongoing calls: Several CEF calls are open, others are in evaluation or in grant agreement
preparation. INEA is doing its utmost – despite difficult circumstances – to maintain the
standard quality and service including respect of the time limes. We will publish on the
internet (on the respective call pages) any relevant information.

Meetings and on-site visits: In line with the measures taken, all meetings and on-site
visits have either been cancelled or converted to teleconferences.
Delays and additional pre -financing: We understand from certain beneficiaries that
activities are interrupted and/or delayed. INEA will show flexibility in all cases due to the
extraordinary circumstances. Please inform your project manager. Once the situation
normalises, we will adapt the grant agreements via amendments (with retroactive effect
where needed).

INEA is currently checking whether there are possibilities to increase the pre-financing
as a measure to support beneficiaries facing cash-flow problems. We will keep you
informed. Feel free to indicate any specific situation to your project manager.
Amendments: The usual workflow for processing amendments should continue. We
invite beneficiaries to give preference to e-signature, which allow a smoother handling.

SOURCE:   CEF – Head of Department