24 January 13

New marine reference for scrubber system

Ecospec of Singapore says that its CSNOx exhaust gas abatement system has been installed onboard a Great Lakes cargo vessel operated by Canada Steamship Lines (CSL).

CSNOx is designed to abate three gases – SOx, NOx and CO2 – in a single process operating in both closed loop and freshwater conditions. Phase I tests carried out by CSL and Ecospec in 2012 were aimed primarily at optimising the SOx reduction efficiency, and since then the system has been running in a so-called ‘economy’ mode with confirmed reductions of SOx. Phase II tests will be carried out once the SOx removal process has been completely optimised; in these tests the system will be set up to reduce NOx and CO2 emissions concurrently. Formal performance measurements of these two gases will be carried out during 2013.

According to Ecospec, operating the system in SOx-only mode will provide a cost-effective means of complying with IMO emission limits with regard to current market conditions. When operating in freshwater closed loop mode, the Ecospec system requires no chemicals and will surpass current IMO requirements.

Ecospec says that it has developed several versions of CSNOx to suit different shipowner requirements. In addition to the three-gas CSNOx, cSOx is a system which primarily addresses SOx emissions while cNOx, takes care of NOx emission, all at a carbon neutral position, and without causing secondary pollution.

Source: greenport.com