28 July 14

Project Nereidas: diminishing environmental impacts of ports

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The aim of  NEREIDAS is to provide a standardization tool for preventive and compensatory measures for environmental damage caused by transport and port activities.

The Action will aim to propose adequate solutions for the minimisation of CO2 emissions and the reduction of biodiversity in Mediterranean ports, as well as the minimisation of environmental impact of new infrastructure through the use of biological technologies, sensors and numerical methods.

First, the constraints, difficulties and bottlenecks encountered by port authorities will be analysed and then, in the pilot phase it will be attempted to improve their situation through the use of biological technologies, sensors and numerical methods.

The results of the pilot will then be evaluated and appropriate tools for standardisation will be suggested.

These tools will be aligned with and improve current relevant international environmental norms such as ISO 14001, EMAS, PAS 2060, ISO 14064, MSFD, GRI and LIFE,in order to establish the necessary steps towards a new standard for port certification.

If successful, the results of the project would, on the one hand, lead to a more environmentally sustainable port and on the other hand, pave the way for new investments in port infrastructure as the standardization of environmental activities in port areas will facilitate the approval of port development plans.

These standardization environmental activities will be useful for most Mediterranean ports as they have similar characteristics in terms of activities, traffic and environmental conditions.

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