16 August 16

Moving towards zero emissions

1The Port of Long Beach is said to be ‘well on its way’ to achieving its zero-emission harbour goal, according to port officials.

Heather Tomley, director of environmental planning, explained to a regional energy forum on 21 July that cargo owners who question Long Beach’s access to sufficient, affordable power should not worry.

She said that the port’s energy needs will increase significantly but be well provided for as more vessels at berth plug into shoreside electrical power and terminals, such as Middle Harbour, electrify cargo-handling operations.

The Port of Long Beach said it is partnering with Southern California Edison to provide a predictable amount of clean power at predicable prices. This should ensure that ships can operate with zero emissions at berth and cargo is handled efficiently around the port with electric-powered equipment.

It is also developing its Energy Island Initiative, which aims to ensure that the port can become a self-generator of power in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake.

Southern California Edison has encouraged the development of a zero-emission port thorough its Energy Efficiency Rebate Match programme.

It provides grants to port tenants that install energy-efficient lighting and cargo handling equipment.

Long Beach aims to become an industry leader in striving towards zero and near-zero emissions with its neighbouring port of Los Angeles, through their joint 2006 Clean Air Action Plan.

Source: Green Port

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