18 January 17

MoU for smarter freight transport

GLEC_Framework_CoverSmart Freight Center (SFC) and FEPORT have signed an Memorandum of Understanding to partner together to help standardise calculating and reporting emissions in the port logistics supply chain.
The MoU will incorporate the most appropriate existing methodologies for FEPORT terminals in the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework.
“Sustainable port and logistics operations and the reduction of carbon emissions are among the top priorities for private port operators,” said Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, FEPORT Secretary General.
“The Smart Freight Center’s GLEC Framework is now recognised as the logistics sector guidance by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, the most widely-accepted GHG accounting practice.”
Alan Lewis, GLEC Director at the Smart Freight Centre, added: “Real life practical application is the next key step for the GLEC Framework to demonstrate its benefit across the transport chain.  We are really looking forward to working with FEPORT and its members in their carbon calculation, reporting and improvement actions and integrating this with the rest of the GLEC Framework.”
Freight transport involves complex transport chains, often involving more than one mode of transport as the product travels to its destination, stopping at warehouses, ports and terminals along the way.
But the use of different approaches in different locations and for different activities along the supply chain leads to fragmentation in calculating and reporting emissions.
That is why in 2014 the Smart Freight Centre formed GLEC, a voluntary partnership of companies, associations and programmes committed to the consistent calculation and reporting of emissions from logistics operations, with a view to using this information as the basis for targeted emissions reduction.
Since 2012, the major container terminal operators in the European Union have created a voluntary methodology (the EEEG Guidelines) which allows container terminals to calculate their CO2 emissions on a periodical basis

Source  : Greenport.

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