22 Oct 2014

Motorways of the Sea: Today and Tomorrow

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motorways-of-the-sea The WiderMos project partners, with the support of the European Commission, are pleased to present the conference “MOTORWAYS OF THE SEA – TODAY AND TOMORROW: STATE OF THE ART AND PROSPECTIVE OPTIONS FOR 2020 AND BEYOND” on Wednesday 22nd of October at the Royal Windsor Hotel in Brussels.

The experiences of different MoS-funded projects will be presented at the conference, with the purpose of drawing lessons from the past. The project partners will furthermore present possible strategic directions for MoS, based on an analysis of EU maritime policy, future macro-economic trends and interviews with maritime stakeholders.

The event will be opened by the new MoS EU coordinator Brian Simpson. The event will be divided in different sessions: one of them will be particularly focused on integration of maritime transport in the logistic chain / environmental protection / human element in MoS. Registration for the event at this Link


Read here the Agenda of the Event