02 July 20

Motorways of the Sea webinar presented the Detailed Implementation Plan with a round table discussion on shaping the European Maritime Space

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01 July 2020

Dear stakeholders,

on behalf of the entire MoS team, I like to thank you for your participation in our webinar “Shaping the policy of a European Maritime Space – The Future of Motorways of the Sea”.

We hope that you enjoyed our input with the various contributions coming from DG MOVE, INEA and the maritime community. We are very grateful for your numerous participation and the interesting questions in the web chat which gave us also important indications of your topics of interest and concern to be taken up in future debates. We trust that the webinar also raised your interest in having a deeper look at our MoS Detailed Implementation Plan.

Please find the links to all presentations as well as the recording of the webinar here below.

We are very much looking forward to a continuous cooperation and exchange in bringing the priorities for the creation of a sustainable, smart and seamless European Maritime Space forward!

Prof. Kurt Bodewig
European Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea


For downloading the Detailed Implementation Plan, please click  here 




DOWNLOAD speakers slides

The new priorities of the MoS Detailed Implementation Plan 2020 and the results of its underlying study 
– Prof. Kurt Bodewig & Alexio Picco, European Coordinator and MoS lead consultant
– Eleni Asteriou & Szymon Oscislowski, Directorate D (waterborne transport), DG MOVE

The state of play of the CEF maritime portfolio 
– Evert Mink, INEA

Round table discussion: Shaping the policy of a sustainable, smart and seamless European Maritime Space 
– Pekka Meronen, CFO, Port of Helsinki
– Francesco Maria di Majo, President, Port of Civitavecchia
– Rob Waterman, CEO, Containerships
– Declan Freeman, Managing Director, Irish Continental Group