07 May 18

Final II Motorways of the Sea Study

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On Wednesday 25th April the presentation of Motorways of the Sea Detailed Implementation Plan  Ljubljana during TEN-T Days 2018 has been success.

During the event Brian Simpson OBE (MoS European Coordinator), Mr. Sopinski (Policy Coordinator, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, European Commission) and Mr. Picco (Consultant, Circle)  have highlighted  the investment needs and timeline concerning the 3 MoS Pillars (Environment; Maritime Integration in the logistic chain; Safety, security and Sea Traffic Management.).

In particular  inside the document  has been  analyses in detail the TEN-T core and comprehensive seaports in order to identify and define horizontal priorities aiming at a better integration of seaports in the TEN-T network.

Download here the complete study: Final II MoS Study