24 March 15

Motorway of the Sea Rostock-Gedser

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Motorway of the Sea Rostock-Gedser Project

The Action is partrostok-gedser of a global project, covering infrastructure initiatives on the transport axis Copenhagen-Berlin: extension of railway Rostock-Berlin, upgrading of European road E55 into the port of Rostock, introduction of new ferries. The wider project links to TEN-T Priority Project 1(rail axis Berlin-Verona/Milano-Bologna-Napoli-Messina-Palermo).

This transport axis has seen a growing demand. The current ferries are operating at capacity limits and have reached the end of their technical lifetime. They will be replaced by new ferries (2012), which will double capacity and improve operational reliability, environmental performance and service costs.

Additionally the link must cope with changing framework conditions. The Fehmarnbelt axis (Priority Project 20) will induce additional competition and modal back-shift. The limitation of sulphur content in ship fuels in the Baltic Sea (2015) is expected to result in significantly rising sea freight rates. Both developments will have a negative impact on the competitiveness of the link unless investments are made in port infrastructure and vessels.

The ‘traffic machine’ concept of high frequency (9 departures per port per day) and short turnaround times of approx. 15 minutes must be ensured. To warrant this top performance, purpose built port infrastructure and vessels are required. Additionally, the investments will allow the development of intermodal traffic, which is expected to reach 6% of the link’s annual traffic (2017).

Finally, the E55 crosses the city of Nykøbing Falster. This is a main bottleneck and an obstacle to the efficiency of the transport corridor. A new bypass road will remove this bottleneck, improve road safety, ensure mobility of freight and passengers and reduce the environmental impact.

This Action consists of infrastructure investments in the ports of Rostock and Gedser and the Nykøbing Falster bypass road.

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