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Motorway of the Sea Nantes Saint Nazaire–Gijón

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2015-eu-tm-0375-mThe Action aims at re-establishing the MoS RoPax link between the core ports of Gijón (Spain) and Nantes Saint-Nazaire (France). It will connect this maritime service to the other transport modes on the TEN-T network, in particular the Atlantic Core network corridor. To deliver on its main objective, the action entails the following works:

 Terminal works in the Port of Gijón: construction of a new RoRo ramp, investments in safety and security ICT equipment, and ICT systems for management of terminal operations.  Adaptation of the Montoir de Bretagne RoRo terminal in the Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire by providing ancillary infrastructure  Upgrade of the vessel with modern equipment and technology necessary for the vessel to sail according to the highest standards of efficiency, safety, security and sustainability.

The action will result in an efficient, safe and high quality MoS service between the two concerned ports, offering efficient logistics solutions to the customers, with three weekly departures from each port.

Furthermore, it will enhance the position of the two ports as important transport nodes in the Atlantic Arc and will foster multimodality along the Atlantic Corridor.

Member State(s) involved:

France, Spain

Implementation schedule Start date:

February 2016 End date: December 2018

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Motorway of the Sea Nantes Saint Nazaire–Gijón

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