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MoS Sweden-Poland Sustainable Sea-Hinterland Services III

Action No: 2016-EU-TM-0290-M
Project partners are Port of Trelleborg (Coordinator), Port of Szczecin Swinoujscie and TT-Line AB.
The project extends for three years, between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2019.

The project aims to increase the efficiency and improve the integration in the corridors Scandinavian-Mediterranean and Baltic Adriatic Corridor, increase cooperation between the parties in the corridors and create a greater opportunity for continued growth in the traffic between Trelleborg and Swinoujscie, not least in terms of intermodal traffic, as well as improving connections between the ports and hinterland.

The activities in this project are in the direct continuation and expansion of the project already realized with the TEN-T fund support‚( 2011-EU-21010-M) Green Bridge on Nordic Corridor, (2012-EU-21007-S) MoS LNG in Baltic Sea Ports II. (2013-EU-21004-P: Sustainable Trelleborg-Swinousjcie MoS services based on upgrading port infrastructure, developing intermodal transport and integrating hinterland corridors) and the ongoing ones (2014-EU-TM-0640-M “Sweden-Poland Sustainable Sea-Hinterland Services”) and (2017-SE-TM-0061-W “Long-term achievements – ready for a sustainable core port in Trelleborg (LARS)”which receives the CEF fund support. This project is the third Action in a row together with port of Szcecin Swinoujscie.

The activities proposed for this project constitute part of the development of the Port of Trelleborg’s relocating, which is needed to meet the market demands, increasing volumes of traffic, environmental regulations, safety and increase the efficiency of the ports work.

The project consists of the following activities:

1) Construction of a new check-in area and marshalling yard in the Port of Trelleborg
The aim of this activity is to build a new check-in area for the Port of Trelleborg in the Western side of the port, where the maritime operators will have new check-in lanes, cargo service offices, as well as truck and trailer marshalling yards. The work is proceeding according to plan and is expected to be completed in June 2018

The work with the construction of a new check-in area and marshalling yardincludes, among other things: building supply infrastructures for ITS and electricity; ventilation and sanitation; ground works in the check area and at the marshalling yard, asphalt and area paving, foundations and lightning masts, as well as photo gates including portals and signs, and length measuring equipment for truck and trailers. The required ITS will be installed and integrated to the port customers’ IT systems.

2) Construction of a new train gate in Port of Trelleborg
The aim of this activity is to build a new gate that functions as an inspection facility through photographing and check-in for all intermodal units arriving and departing by train.

The construction of a new train gate (state-of-the-art) to be fully integrated into the existing ITS systems, started in 2017 with an installation of a technical building, including all installations of ITS and cabling.

3) Land filling preparation for marshalling yard in the Port of Trelleborg
The aim of this activity is to prepare for the development of the port area surfaces behind the plannedferry berths no. 11 and 12, to be used in the future as marshalling yards. The land filling preparation for marshalling yard started in 2017 and will continue in 2018 and 2019 as planned. The works include land filling and installation of required piping for a proper storm-water treatment covering the whole reclaimed land area.

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4) Safety and efficiency improvement of ferry operations in Swinoujscie by implementation of PNDS, Port of Swinoujscie
The aim of this pilot activity is to develop, test and deploy a Port Navigation Docking System (PNDS) in the Port of Swinoujscie on Ferry Berth no. 1. in collaboration with the maritime (ferry) operators. The installed and demonstrated PDNS is expected to significantly increase safety and reliability of berthing operations at the ferry terminal, where manoeuvring is often hampered by, for instance, difficult weather conditions in the Baltic Sea.
A technical summary and report on encountered matters during the pilot implementation will also be compiled.

5) A new check-in system of the ferry operator TT-Line in the Port of Trelleborg
The aim of this activity is to adapt and modernize the check-in procedures for the maritime operator TT-Line at the new check-in facilities and marshalling yard implemented in Activity 1. The final outcome of this activity will be the introduction of upgraded check-in facilities to enable a faster and more efficient check-in process, as well as increased service levels for customers (passenger car and truck drivers, as well as foot passengers).

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