09 May 12

MOS 24

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The Action is a study, which takes the form of a Pilot Action. Its main objective is to enhance the strategic role of the Priority Project 24 (Railway axis Lyon/Genova-Basel-Duisburg-Rotterdam/Antwerpen) of the TEN-T network, as main gate to Europe for the traffic of goods transported via the Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea (MedMos).

The goal is to create a “unique ICT multimodal Corridor between northern and southern Europe” by connecting virtually the PP 24 with MedMoS. The Action will analyse the bi-directional transfer of goods from central Europe to Med Countries and to Med ports through the combination of PP24 and the network of MoS, which interconnect to each-other through the Ligurian-French Port system.

The Pilot Action will develop the demonstrator of an interoperability platform (MoS24) for interconnecting existing ICT modules and making them interoperable, and will deliver a service to users through the virtual MoS24 Co-modality Promotion Centre (CPC).

MOS24 CPC aims at giving a significant example of multimodal ICT services offered to the transport community. The action will be carried out in three main phases, namely:

The MoS24 Project will closely work with the MIELE project, fostering synergies between the Med ICT projects, to avoid duplications and optimise the results. The project will moreover remain open to cooperate with other ICT and e-freight actions.

State of progress on 31 December 2011:

The Action is progressing well and is on track. The activity related to the analysis of the context was finalised in 2011, as planned. The activities linked to the design and implementation of the MOS24 demonstrator have started and are on-going. The remaining horizontal activities, related to communication and project management are being developed and are progressing, as intended.

Source: tentea.ec.europa.eu

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