21 May 18

MoS 24 – ICT based Co-modality Promotion Center for integrating PP24 into Mediterranean MoS

The main objective of MoS 24 is to create a ’unique ICT multimodal Corridor between Northern and Southern Europe’ by connecting virtually PP 24 with MedMoS. The Action is analysing the bi-directional transfer of goods from central Europe to Med Countries and to Med ports through the combination of PP24 and the network of MOS which interconnect to each-other through the Liguria – French Port system. The Pilot Action is developing the demonstrator of an interoperability platform (MoS24) for interconnecting existing ICT modules and making them interoperable. It will also deliver a service to users through the virtual MoS24 Co-modality Promotion Centre. MOS24 CPC aims at giving a significant example of multimodal ICT services offered to the transport community.

The action is being carried out in three main phases, namely

Phase 1: Analysis of the demand along the corridor
Phase 2: Review of existing subsystems and missing links followed by the development and testing of a middleware
Phase 3: The pilot demonstrator consisting of the virtual CPC for the Southern Gateway.

You can find the complete layout Here