09 May 12


This Action is fully in line with the Strategy for the Baltic Sea region and will address and implement its concrete needs and flagship projects. This project builds on the experiences and results of previous Motorway of the Sea (MoS) actions in the Baltic Sea and contains studies taking form of pilot actions that are of wider benefit.

The Action aims at improving quality of maritime transport, safety at sea, exchange of maritime data and facilitation of environmental performance of shipping and implementation of e-Maritime relevant applications.

The project is expected to deliver:

The Action will be implemented by Sweden, Finland and Denmark, but it remains open to other potential participants in the Baltic Sea region or participating in already established MoS projects.

State of progress on 31 December 2011:

The project implementation is generally on schedule. The activity about Dynamic and Proactive Route Planning generates a lot of interest in the sector after the Concordia cruise ship accident so it may be completed ahead of schedule. Study on a current situation with automated verification of ship crew certificates together with a concept description is underway. The hydrographical surveys are progressing. A working prototype of a universal proxy for global sharing of maritime information has been developed.

Source: tentea.ec.europa.eu

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