24 March 15


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MONALISA is a Motorways of the Sea project which aims at giving concrete contribution to the efficient, safe and environmentally friendly maritime transport. This is done through development, demonstration and dissemination of innovative e-navigational services to the shipping industry, which can lay the groundwork for a future international deployment. Quality assurance of hydrographic data for the major navigational areas in Swedish and Finnish waters in the Baltic Sea contributes to improving safety and optimization of ship routes. MONALISA enjoys the status as a Flagship Project in the Priority Area on Maritime Safety and Security (PA Safe) of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region MONALISA contributes to the implementation of the above EU Strategy by addressing a number of priority areas, strategic actions and other flagship projects. MONALISA is also in direct line with the EU concept “Green Transport Corridors”, a concept which, inter alia, represents the environmental dimension in the development of the transport system. The project was finalised and all activities were implemented according to funding decisions. Source: http://www.sjofartsverket.se/en/MonaLisa/EU-project-for-the-Baltic-Sea/