30 July 14

Monalisa 2.0


MONALISA 2.0 takes its point of departure in the results and experiences from the ongoing MONALISA project (2010-EU-21109-S), co-financed by TEN-T under the Motorways of the Sea Programme. MONALISA 2.0 will re-use the results and experiences from the development within the aviation sector and its SESAR (Air Traffic Management) programme, which has been strongly supported by the European Union through the Framework Programmes and TEN-T during the past decade.

The overall objective of MONALISA 2.0 is to strengthen efficiency, safety and environmental performance of maritime transport, at the same time as the administrative burden of the maritime sector will be reduced.

Nine Member States are involved in the studies, which include:

Source: tentea.ec.europa.eu

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