10 June 16


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MED-ATLANTIC ECOBONUSThe overall objective of this Action is to contribute to the further policy development of the MoS. The specific objective of this Action is to design a new effective and sustainable incentive Scheme (ECOBONUS) which aims to support intermodal freight transportation via the increase of demand for MoS and is aligned with the framework and new priorities of the TENT-T policy.


The proposed Action will result in a policy study, in cooperation with the Ministries of Transport of Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, aiming at the development of a coordinated incentive Scheme to support the demand for MoS, valid for Atlantic and West Mediterranean markets (existing and new). The incentive scheme would be called ECOBONUS in reference to the system that has been previously implemented in Italy (Ecobonus) and will focus on:

Member States involved:

Spain, France, Italy, Portugal

Implementation schedule:

Start date: July 2015

End date: November 2017

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Source: INEA