13 July 12

Marco Polo 2012 Call launched

The European Commission published the Marco Polo 2012 call for proposals. Around 36 new projects will be financed with a budget of € 64.6m.

The Marco Polo programme co-funds direct modal-shift, traffic avoidance projects, Motorways of the Sea and projects providing supporting services which enable freight to switch from road to other modes efficiently and profitably. Commercial undertakings, whether privately or publicly owned, can apply for funding. As in the 2011 call, a screening of maritime proposals will be put in place to avoid potential competition issues. Without a proper competition analysis, proposals will be excluded.

Short Sea Shipping-based projects which implement innovative technologies or operational practices which significantly reduce polluting emissions of maritime transport; Inland Waterway Transport and Single Wagon Load Traffic related projects are priorities in 2012. The call will be open until 21 September 2012.

Source: greenport.com