12 April 17

Magellan – partner presentation

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Magellan –  Associação para a Representação de Interesses de Portugal no Exterior is a private non-profit association whose aim is to enhance the making of networks and to increase the economic activity of local entities (public and private) from different Member States in the European market. In that regard, Magellan’s goal is to promote the multiplication of opportunities in the EU and the contact of enterprises with the European institutions.

Magellan stands for its action in public affairs, providing monitoring and intelligence services, support to EU funding applications, strategic consulting, analysis and market studies, event managing, networking and promotion and representation towards the EU institutions. Above these, the main focus of Magellan’s occupation is on the establishment of networks by turning European companies into partners – sharing strategies with a common agenda – to expand the internal market.

Specialising in the establishment of effective partnerships and networking at EU level, Magellan has relevant experience with regard to the planning and implementation of events and is in charge of an important project related to the Blue Economy.


Link: www.magellan-association.org