06 April 16

Maersk on Smart Container Trade

1A breaking article published via LinkedIn by Vincent Clerc, CCO of Maersk Line articulates the importance of a reliable cold-chain, since around 30% of the world’s food is wasted every year, while emphasising Maersk’s position as a reefer cargo pioneer.

Vincent Clerc said: “Maersk Line has over the past years equipped more than 270,000 refrigerated containers or ‘reefers’ with Remote Container Management (RCM). This technology allows us to track in real time the exact position of the container, its temperature and humidity and potential off service.

“RCM enables greater visibility over cargo, and more importantly, a significant reduction in damaged cargo.”

In a prior news piece, PTI reported on Maersk Container Industry, a Maersk subsidiary’s, strategy for ensuring that the most perishable goods are protected in transit.

Mr Clerc continues: “The RCM technology will give full visibility of reefer containers and cargo throughout the cold chain, reduce constraints from human errors and allow for safer operations by reducing the number of physical inspections needed at the terminal.”

Clerc concluded: “Maersk Line invested in 30,000 new reefer containers in 2015. We simply have to upgrade our fleet on a continuous basis to ensure, that it meets the expectations of our customers.”

Source: Port Technology