03 May 16

Lord John Prescott’s speech – The 1° MoS Forum on environment

1On 15th of March INEA headquarter hosted the first MoS Forum on Environment. Over 90 participants, including Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the EU Member States, and industry stakeholders gathered in Brussels to discuss the environmental aspects of Motorways of the Sea.

In June, Mr. Brian Simpson will present the Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) to MEPs in European Parliament, so in preparation of this, three MoS fora have been organized on three pillars (Environment (in March), Logistic chain and Human elements (both in May)).

The Lord John Prescott’s speech focused on the importance and relevance of environment for the transport. He spoke about the climate change (in particular the Kyoto protocol) and the impact on shipping.

Below the Lord John Prescott’s speech

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