17 August 17

LNG truck transports begin in Rotterdam

GateThe first LNG fuelled truck has been loaded up with fuel for both trucks and ships signalling one Rotterdam terminal’s commitment to utilise the fuel in its most of its operations.

Rotterdam’s Gate Terminal is an LNG import terminal so is well used to handling the fuel, but transporting it by LNG fuelled truck is a new concept.

To make this possible different business parties put a lot of effort to adjust rules and legislation. As LNG is still a relatively new fuel it was not included in all regulation and instructions before,” said a terminal spokesperson.

“Till now it was practically impossible to transport LNG with an LNG fuelled truck.The three companies show that there are no restrictions anymore for ADR transport companies to make the transition to LNG trucks.”

The terminal’s first LNG truck was a Rolande IVECO Stralis NP400 which was shifting the load of LNG for the transport company Chr. Vermeer Transport.

Gate terminal was set up by Gasunie and Vopak in 2005 and commenced operations in 2011. The terminal’s functions are receipt, acting as a buffer between receipt and continuous supply of natural gas, regasification and supply.

Rolande is a European market leader for LNG trucks. The company owns eight LNG fuel stations in The Netherlands and has ambitious plans to expand its network in Western Europe.

It has recently announced that it will be scaling up its production of Bio-LNG with the support of a European CEF grant.


Source: On the Mos Way

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