29 September 20

LNG & Training: open source platform

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The definition and implementation of the e-learning platform were started in the second half of 2017. At the beginning of 2018 the contents for the training were outlined thanks to the systematization of the needs in terms of knowledge, skills and competences (KSA approach) to differentiate the different targets. The contents were finalized in parallel with the construction work of the first CGNL refueling stations of the Action. The platform is freely usable, organized in 10 blocks that allow easy navigation and accessibility to all.


The courses are aimed towards three categories: hauler, operator and station manager. It must be taken into consideration that:
• The course integrates and does not replace the general and specific compulsory training to be paid by the employer referring to the macro-categories of risk and the ATECO sector to which it belongs;
• The course does not replace compulsory training in first aid and fire prevention, an obligation of the employer;
• The course is a tool that must be constantly updated. It provides information and details on the operating principles of a plant and on the most important operational phases of transfer and refueling, without neglecting the obligations of supervision and control by the staff in charge during the activity and on the most common prevention and protection measures as well as on possible behavior in case of emergency;
• At the end of the course, the user can obtain a certificate of completion of the personalized course, which does not replace certificates of complete compulsory training issued by competent authorities. BADGES are virtual recognitions of acquired skills, they differ from a
simple badge because they contain metadata, which is information relating to the skills acquired, the assessment and the institution that issued the recognition. Through external services, the user has the opportunity to export the awards obtained and show the skills acquired on a personal portfolio or on social networks dedicated to business and career advancement.


The platform has undergone a phase of Real Life Trial, launched in 2019 and still in progress with the aim of gradually providing adequately trained personnel to the network of C-LNG GAINN4MED stations, at the same time perfecting the platform itself in order to continuously improve. Next steps concern:
• Involvement of haulers in the trial phase
• Evaluation of the possibility of integrating the GAINN4MED skills management platform with those of the broader GAINN_IT initiative
• Definition of issues related to ownership and future management of the post GAINN4MED platform
• Processing of input data to the GAINN4MED business plan In general, users of the online platform have extremely positive feedback, as liquid methane is an extremely difficult product to handle, this tool offers interesting comparisons and stimuli for those involved in the activity.

An expansion of the training recipients is also assumed to include profiles other than those that gravitate around LNG or compressed gas stations: starting from the involvement of industry leaders, it could also lead to the involvement of professionals such as engineers, ISO container operators, operators for the intermodal handling of LNG, etc.