24 March 15

LNG Rotterdam Gothenburg

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LNG Rotterdam Gothenburg

LNG Rotterdam Gothenburg

At present, the European market for LNG fuel for maritime transport is limited and infrastructure is almost inexistent for small-scale supply of LNG. The market requires the ports to have LNG bunkering infrastructure, while the ports expect sufficient LNG demand to build infrastructure. To solve this situation and develop the maritime LNG sector, the present Action will create break bulk infrastructure for small-scale LNG supply in the Ports of Rotterdam and Gothenburg. These large ports combined have a critical mass to assist in the market transition to maritime LNG in northern Europe. The facilities in Rotterdam will distribute stored LNG in the Gas Access To Europe terminal in smaller quantities. From this new break bulk facility other LNG infrastructure facilities can be supplied with LNG, like smaller terminals in other ports or fuelling infrastructure for ships. The LNG break bulk facility in Rotterdam will additionally provide a truck loading bay, which enables ships to bunker LNG in the port using trucks. The facility in Gothenburg will be the first satellite terminal to be supplied from the Rotterdam break bulk facility. It serves as a proof of concept as well as a means to serve the Scandinavian LNG bunkering market. The combined facilities for fuelling ships and trucks in both ports will create a synergy effect to address the importance of providing alternative fuel solutions for transport.

Source: Motorways of the Sea