08 August 16

LNG bunkering at Rotterdam

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rotterdamTernsund is set to be the first sea-going vessel to bunker LNG at the Port of Rotterdam.

The tanker is operated by the Swedish shipping line Terntank and will benefit from Rotterdam’s LNG bunker incentive, a 10% discount on the sea port tariffs.

It will be arriving at Vopak Botlek in Rotterdam on 8 August to put through a shipment of naphtha.

The vessel is environmentally friendly and energy efficient, it is a result of the EU co-funded project.

Into the Future – Baltic SO2lution is a part of the co-operation between the ship-owner, marine solutions provider Wärtsilä, fuel and bio-products supplier North European Oil Trade (NEOT) and energy and environmental consultant Wega under the Zero Vision Tool.

The ship will proceed to the Willem Alexander Terminal where it will be bunkering at ECT’s former Home Terminal. This procedure is expected to last three days as the ship’s fuel tanks first need to be cooled before they can take in the refrigerated LNG.

This year is expected to be a good year for LNG bunkering in Rotterdam with the opening of the LNG Breakbulk Terminal at Yukonhaven. In 2017, local services will be expanded with a bunkering vessel dedicated to the supply of LNG.

Source: Green Port