24 March 15

LNG in Baltic Sea Ports

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LNG in Baltic Sea Ports

LNG in Baltic Sea Ports

The main aim of ‘LNG in Baltic Sea Ports’, co-financed by the EU TEN-T Multi-Annual Programme, is to foster a harmonised approach towards LNG bunker filling infrastructure in the Baltic Sea area. Seven ports are involved in the project – Aarhus, Copenhagen-Malmö, Helsingborg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and Turku. Each of the project partners is planning the development of port infrastructure to offer LNG bunker stations to ship-owners in the future. The works in the ports focus on pre-investment studies such as environmental impact assessments, feasibility analyses for LNG terminals or bunkering vessels, project designs, regional market studies, safety manuals, etc.

The results of the studies will allow to start the physical investments in infrastructure for LNG tanking. Moreover, project works include a so-called ‘stakeholder platform’ which will facilitate a discussion among various actors, such as port authorities, shipowners, gas infrastructure providers, energy traders and bunkering companies. The platform will also welcome representatives from the North Sea who will share their knowledge and views on LNG.

The project’s idea is meant to deliver both credible know-how on LNG as a marine fuel and an answer to the IMO’s sulphur directive. This will also contribute to the realization of TEN-T Priority Area 21 (Motorways of the Sea) in compliance with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region – a model area for clean shipping.

The initiative’s efforts will be centred in the ’LNG Guidebook’ containing best practices, recommendations and standards on how to develop effective gas infrastructure in ports. The project will end on December 31st, 2014, just one day before ECA becomes the daily bread in the region for us all.

Source: http://www.lnginbalticseaports.com/en/about#lng-in-baltic-sea-ports