28 October 14

Liebherr green RTG orders

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lng vesselThe advanced eight wheel RTGs feature numerous environmental, safety and productivity technologies. An eco-friendly variable speed drive will reduce both emissions and fuel consumption per box moved.

An advanced DGPS auto-steering and box positioning system is complemented by auto steering, a stack profiling system featuring a safe path calculator and a truck positioning system to boost productivity and ensure safe operation.

The machines benefit from Liebherr’s unique eight rope reeving no-sway system and simultaneous motion of all drives allowing the RTG to attain productivity levels of up to 40% greater than alternative models.

Liebherr Container Cranes has also recently secured a contract for the delivery of four Electric RTGs to the Port of Longoni in Mayotte. The cranes feature dual power with a cable reeling drum complemented by a diesel genset.

These are the first Liebherr RTGs to be delivered to the French islands of Mayotte, which are located between Mozambique and Madagascar.

The crane expert is also shipping eight electric RTGs to Porto Chibatão, Manaus, Brazil, a major port at the confluence of the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers.

They will be supplied with a cable reeling drum and diesel genset and have the option to operate either fully electric or with diesel power. The RTG’s will join the existing fleet of six RTGs and nine fixed Liebherr cargo cranes at the port.

Source: GreenPort