17 January 17

LA cash-rich for green equipment

Green_Terminal_EquipmentThe Port of Angeles has secured a US$5.8 million state grant to purchase and test a new fleet of 25 zero and near-zero emission yard tractors at the Everport marine container terminal.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) grant will also will fund a companion project to equip 100 more drayage trucks with smart technology to streamline time on the road and improve the flow of containers to and from the port complex.
Gene Seroka, executive director, POLA, said: “This grant is a major opportunity for accelerating the next-generation solutions we and our partners are working on to transition to a zero-emission port.”
Over the next three years, the port and its partners intend to install new yard equipment and smart technology to track operational efficiency, viability, reduction of GHG emissions and other key pollutants.
The port is partnering with Everport Terminal Services to test 25 off-road tractors powered by either electricity or LNG by incorporating them into the daily operations of the 205-acre marine container terminal.
The remainder of the grant, nearly US$1 million, is supporting ongoing large-scale testing of smart technology. This will include an intermodal logistics Freight Advanced Traveler Information System (FRATIS) being tested by the US Department of Transportation (DOT).
FRATIS is a sophisticated intelligent transportation system that analyses route and container information for drivers, dispatchers and cargo owners.
The CEC grant allows the port to expand FRATIS by adding 100 more trucks to the pool in the ongoing demonstration.
In addition to the grant from the CEC, the port has also been awarded a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
The grant of US$800,000 will go towards meeting 25 to 40% of the cost to replace and upgrade 18 pieces of yard equipment at two Los Angeles container terminals, which should all be in service by autumn 2018.
APM Terminals Pacific Ltd and TraPac LLC are funding the lion’s share of the US$3 million project. APM Terminals will invest more than US$2 million to replace 16 yard tractors with new equipment powered by Tier 4 clean diesel engines. TraPac will spend US$174,000 to repower two heavy-duty forklifts with Tier 4 engines.

Source: Portstrategy

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