24 March 15

Kvarken Multimodal Link – Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor

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Kvaren Multimodal Link

Kvarken Multimodal Link – Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor

This Motorway of the Sea project looks at upgrading the transport link between northern Sweden and western Finland, including land and waterborne transport systems. It composes of designing, constructing and improving the transport links through new transport patterns, multimodal logistics and cost efficient solutions, including:

 Works: infrastructure investments made in both countries in order to improve port logistics, rail connections and port intermodality.

 Capital costs: start-up aid for a temporary ferry, including the necessary upgrading and adjustments made and planned for this temporary solution. The upgrading and adjustments will be used as examples during the analyses and concept development.

 Studies: which include an analysis of traffic management and organizational aspects of the transport link, as well as the development of a transport concept to meet the needs and provide a good foundation as input for the detailed design or procurement of a ferry. The Action will bring benefits to the Motorways of the Sea (TEN-T Priority Project 21) on the Baltic Sea as well as have positive impacts on the cohesion of the entire Baltic Sea region. It will especially improve the environmental performance of the connection and the accessibility of this peripheral region.

Source: Motorways of the Sea