05 May 15

Joint dissemination event of the European projects EcoHubs/Swiftly Green/ GreCOR

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On Tuesday 28 April, logistics stakeholders gathered in Brussels to discuss combined and sustainable transport. The event was organised by three EU co-funded projects –  EcoHubs, Swiftly Green, and GreCOR – who shared their achievements in this field.


Participants were reminded that there is a need to take action as greenhouse gas emissions from transport are increasing. Combined transport was presented as the most effective solution to make transport more sustainable. A modal shift away from road transport was considered essential for long distance transport.


The various projects presented innovative solutions to make transport more sustainable. The GreCOR project, for example, developed a pilot project with Liquefied Bio Gas and created a market place for SMEs to allow them to choose to transport their packages sustainably. The project also highlighted the importance of business models and, therefore, ambitions to develop a standard framework for (concession) contracts.


The Swiftly Green project is developing a toolbox for greening transport. The toolbox is divided in seven sections such as news and objectives, good examples, and tools to optimise corridor route planning. The toolbox will have a generic character to allow its widespread use. Moreover, the Swiftly Green project is concerned about the lack of cumulative learning. To tackle this issue they want to develop a “Green Corridor Portal” to disseminate the results of different projects.


The EcoHubs project developed several solutions to add to the Swiftly Green toolbox, including a terminal trip planning system (ecoTaurus Application) and a greenhouse gas reduction system for terminals (ITEC calculator).


In the afternoon, the event took a dynamic turn as participants actively engaged in two workshops. The discussions focussed inter alia on the roles of stakeholders in greening and on how to make the Green Corridor Portal viable in the long term. If you would also like to share your views on greening transport, then please do not hesitate to complete the WiderMos survey

OnTheMosWay Staff